Surf Buggy

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

Having owned more than a few fiberglass bodied dune buggies in my life, I still have special place in my heart for them.

This IMC kit, issued during the psychedelic 60's, is great model and a lousy one.

The body is terrific but the engine suffers from a lack of realism and detail.

I modified the engine with an aluminum distributor and coil, as well as a scratch built belt cover. The front nerf bars didn't do it for me, so I bent up a piece of aluminum tubing.

The top is the real unique feature of this kit. I tried painting the panels to look like wood, but it just didn't look real. So I carved out all the panels with an exacto knife and cut .4mm birch plywood and laid it up behind the frame. Nothing looks more like wood, than wood.

The lacquer paint is candy wineberry over gold pearl, and the decals are from a recent Revell beetle.

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