Pink Panther

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

What's pink, shaped like a tongue, has four wheels and a boudoir in the back...

This is the Doyusha reissue of the Eldon show rod model of Bob Reisner's full-size rolling bedroom. I picked this up a few years ago, opened it and let it collect dust. While recently looking for something different to build, I dug this out after seeing a full page color shot in a book.

This model is very accurate in some aspects, and misses by a mile in others. It certainly has the look, but for some reason, the original Eldon designers didn't feel it was necessary to add a gas tank, exhaust (!) or too much of any detail past the Toronado basic chassis.

The "real" car, did have pink whitewall tires. Though not as wide as these in scale, pink nonetheless. The pink paint here is a mix of LMG fluorescent pink and Cobra Colors Avalanche white. The plush rug in the bedroom is white adhesive backed felt with the same pink mix shot onto it.

Though an ill fitting kit, it builds into a pretty cool replica. Felicity seems to likes it.

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