Luxuricksha (modified Ricksha)

Built by: Markus Minsinger, Kernen (near Stuttgart), Germany

When you look at the box art the Ricksha seems to be not a very attractive car - most pics with the original colors make it look like a toy .... but I gave the kit a closer look and found for myself that the Ricksha is something like a hidden beauty - inside there is a fine, good looking kit with good proportions and a high level of details. With my version of a different reduced color scheme I tried make that visible - its near stock built with just a few modifications.

Some features I changed:

  • The engine got a different distributor and some basic wiring.
  • The cooling hose was replaced by a piece of guitar string.
  • Steering rod was replaced by a real metal rod to look a little finer.
  • I replaced the front and rear springs with "real" ones.
  • The front suspension arm was cut off the main frame into a separate piece which could be moved up and down like the real one.
  • The instruments got some decals and the steering samurai swords grip was covered with a real fine black thread.
  • The gear shifter was replaced by a long needle with the shape of the original part - the head was left white to make it look like an ivory ball.
  • The top was opened on both sides and some spokes installed to give the look of the real top - finally I found on a local fair some material to make that fine flower pattern on it. I like that stuff --its even thinner than bare metal.
  • The letters on the fenders were covered with bare metal.
  • Golden Buddha, dragon and exhaust tubes were sprayed with a golden base color and rubbed with graphite dust from a pencil to achieve that deep, heavy full metal gold shine.
  • The exhaust tubes got also open metal end tubes.
  • What more can I say - oh yes, the hundreds of golden knobs on the upholstery nearly drove me mad.

Have fun and enjoy!

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