BubbleBug (kitbash)

Built by: Ira Dahm in Cotati, California

The Bubblebug is based on the Classic Predicta Show Car and the New VW Beetle. I have been wanting to build something like the Bubblebug, for a long time. I finally got it started for the "SHOWRODS.COM - Bubbletop Contest", but it took almost a year to get around to finishing it. I totally, missed the Bubbletop Contest Deadline, but it's ready for the next contest!

I think inspiration to build the Bubblebug, came from the "Bubble Cars" in the Woody Allen Movie "Sleeper" and "Futuristic Concept Cars" of the 50's and 60's. Here's how it was built.

First, I cut off the VW top. Next, I sectioned the VW body about 1/4", then shortened it 1", and reattached the body parts with CA Glue. The next thing I did was to cut out the Predicta body area around the bubble top. This Predicta body piece was then attached to the VW body, and then ground down, with a Dremel Tool, to fit as close as possible.

The Wheel Well Skirts, and, Front and Rear roll pans were made from sheet plastic. The Rear Wing from AMT's 1966 Mustang, was narrowed 3/8" to fit the Bubblebug. Screened vents were added to the front bumper and megaphone exhaust pipes were added to the rear.

The interior was painted with Krylon Red and the body is a Pearl White from Plasti-Kote called "Classic Metals - White Icing". I am very happy with the Bubblebug, it looks like a wild bubbletop Custom Street Rod that could double as a Flying Car of the Future!!!


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