Milk Truck

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

2nd in the series of my cyber dairy is this variation of the Doyusha / Eldon Milk Truck.

Though Bob Reisner gets credit for the design of the real Milk Truck show rod, it actually was purchased by him, painted purple and then hit the show circuit. The original was white. So that makes this an adaptation of Reisner's adaptation I guess. I returned it to white, albeit Cobra Colors Angel pearl.

The box art tires are super cool, but the kit tires are simply Cragar-esque and too narrow, so I dropped on a set of Ansen double wide slots from the Barris Surf Woody re-release with American-Satco white walls. The body was raised to clear the wider footprint.

I don't know if the real show rod has tail lights, but the model doesn't come with them, which I'm finding is typical for this series of show rods.


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