Peppermint Fuzz

Built by: Dave Kapp in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

This is my version of Aurora’s Peppermint Fuzz. It came to me as a gluebomb missing more than a few parts. Aside from doing restorative body work in cleaning up the sloppy gluemanship, the (six piece) car body itself was missing the top panel of the cowl and the firewall.

I replaced the cowl with a section of 1/25 deuce hood and the firewall with some flat plastic I had laying around. The rear wheelwells were a poor fit around the fenders so those were filled with sheet styrene and reshaped to fit the fenders. The drip moldings on both sides were also replaced with flat styrene.

Other missing parts were the machine gun which was replaced with a 1/35 scale replica courtesy of one of my model club members (Regina Scale Modelers) Kevin Krienke. There was also a mag and a valve cover missing but my good friend, confidante, and fellow club member Larry Draper whipped up some resin replacements for me.

The missing blower scoop was replaced with a 1/25 model out of my parts box. I cloned one of the overhead lights as well as the skull shifter (from a Warhammer piece) myself with resin. To add visual interest to the plain interior, I added red tuck’n’roll panels to the seat and rear deck using a tonneau cover from AMT’s 59 ElCamino. I also added red clear tail  lights to the rear panel, I think they are probably from a Caddy. I then stripped all the remaining chrome and sprayed it with Alcad II.

Of course the chopper was missing altogether so I had to bash one using various parts. Once again, I put the word out to my model club and it was William Yee who this time came to the rescue with a 1/32 dirt bike from a Monogram El Camino.

After much chopping, I added a tank built from leftover parts from my Evil Iron and a scratchbuilt seat using some resin I had patterned from the same El Camino tonneau cover to match the interior.

I found after searching the internet for any old Peppermint Fuzz decals that I was not going to find them anywhere. I then decided that I would make it my own variation of the original Peppermint Fuzz or a “tribute.” Since I never really liked the hot pink the model was molded in, I thought black and white would be a good theme for a cop car.

I did my best to replicate the original candy cane stripe side decals with paint. The remaining decals I made on my computer. These stars on the side were actually 2 layers, the first being gold with a black and clear overlay. The roof badge took two gold sections (top and bottom) plus a white mid section (the three stars on the roof badge).The second layer is clear with black and blue ink. The decal on the back is my own attempt at humour.

Sadly, William Yee passed away unexpectedly and never got a chance to see the finished product. With this in mind, I would like to dedicate this build to him.

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