Badman III

Built by: Dwayne Jones in Redlands, California

ed. note: this amazing effort was patterned off of Dave Marek's "Badmen" in his "Flat Out Crazy" gallery here in the Show Rod Rally.

I started with the 55 Sportsman by Revell. The cage was so warped that I had to tack it into place on the chassis and assemble it, then I had to cut it out so I could paint it.

I hand-bent all the Zoomie pipes, then assembled them and painted them with Alclad over a Black base. I assembled the rear end and bars and also used Alclad on that assembly.

The tubs and pan were painted with Tamiya Light GunMetal and the frame and roll cage were painted with PlastiKote bright red. I had some roll bar padding that I placed around the drivers cage.

I had an after-market blower that I covered with carbon fiber decals I made myself. For the fuel lines I went to the bead section at Michaels and found bead cord and different sizes of crimping beads for the fittings. I glued a round bead to a crimping bead for the banjo fittings. I cut off the head of a straight pin and inserted it through the hole in the round bead and into the part to simulate the connector bolt. The blower and pulleys are resin and the blower belt is electrical tape with Slixx decals.

The front wheels are made from a top fuel kit. I took the backside of the rim and glued it to the outside and I made a resin copy of that same ring for the inner part of the wheel. I sprayed them with Alclad. The rear tires and wheels are the old So Real that Pegasus now sells.

For body mods I had to flatten the front bumper and nose and pancake the hood. I then scratch-built the cowl on the hood from plastic sheet. I also replicated the rear wing to match the drawing. I made the front air splitter and covered with matt aluminum from BMF.

The paint is Tamiya yellow over white primer. The entire car is coated with Dupont Urethane 3 part clear.

I made the decals in Photoshop and printed them on the Alps printer. I covered the decals with Future before the clear coat because Alps decals will react with the Urethane and many other clears.

Here is a link to pictures of the build.

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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