Mini Munster Koach

Built by: Eric Grey in Palo Alto, California

Meet the Mini Munster Koach! It is a 1911 Rolls Royce that is part of the 1/32 MPC's series that includes the Darracq, Rolls Runner, and the Lanchester.

Anyway, while looking around on e-bay for something interesting, I clicked on "1911 Rolls Royce" a thing I would not normally do. Imagine my surprise when the box said build it "stock vintage" or "wild drag." Well I bought it for $6 or so and threw it in the closet. It wasn't until 6 months later that I pulled it out and realized that it looked like the Munster Koach.

I went to to get some reference for what I was working with. It seemed like I could pull it off and figured with a little effort I could convert it. I didn't do much except for the little things. I used parts from the Paddy Wagon, Pie Wagon, Li'l Van, and Vampire Van.

The biggest challenge was the engine since I had no1/32 scale engines. I ended up stuffing a '69 Merc in there and built the stacks with copper piping. I tried to hide the engine a bit by painting the valve covers black.

The only thing I really had to scratch-build was the foot steps. To build them I used some clear plastic from a baseball card protector. I spread some white glue on it and put down some mosquito netting. I cut them to size, painted them flat black, and then dry-brushed them with silver. Other details--The seats are flocked red, and I used masking tape for the drapes. The pin stripes were hand painted and cut.

The headlamps are Lego's with some plated parts. The headlamps on the actual munster koach are interesting because they are kind of big in relation to all the other parts on the koach. It took a while to figure out how to do it. I settled on the Lego's and I think it works for the overall effect although they don't look much like the originals.

The last thing to mention is those rear doors heading up to Eddie's perch. Weird! I never figured out what color they were supposed to be or even what they were made of. I used masking tape because it was easy and didn't seem to matter how you presented the doors. I guess its one of those inexplicable things that made show rods show rods.


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