Orange Hauler

Built by: John Bechthold

About 7 or 8 years ago I had entered a couple of models in a show in the Minneapolis/St Paul area and had done pretty well-  A few trophies for models that had a lot of detail and much time and effort involved in their construction.

Walking around the swap area,  I spied this 1980's reissue kit of the Orange Hauler.  I have always loved the Show Rods of the 1960's-70's,  and was looking for a simple, quick, and easy build to "wind down" from the labor/time intensive models that I had entered in the show.

My goal was to do this kit quick & dirty; Build it mostly box-stock, and use paint and materials that I already had on hand- Buy nothing else to finish it.  Oh,  And build it in a week or less! 

So, I went at it, and a week later- I had it done.  Other than sparkplug wires (which you can't really see anyways), It's entirely box stock.   I used a little spot putty, some unknown brand of Hemi Orange motor paint that I had on the shelf, Duplicolor flat white primer,  and Testor's clear coat in the build.  I did ZERO sanding/polishing on the paint-  It's right out of the spray can!  I could have gone crazy with bare-metal foil and junk,  but I was able to resist the temptation to ultra detail it. I wanted the build to be fun and relaxing- I definately accomplished that goal!



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