Built by: Vern Scholz 

When I was a young lad I remember the Monogram models as being my favourites’ because they were molded in different colors , so they could be assembled with out paint and still look pretty decent. Not only that, they were easier for a youngster to assemble than a AMT , never mind the Revell models.

I had the Futurista and I built it straight out of the box, and it was one of my favourites’ with its futuristic look. I don’t remember what I did with it, but a few years ago I was on E-Bay and happened on a built one with a real good box. I won the bid and was thrilled to have a Futurista back in my possession.

This time I did some research by contacting Darryl Starbird, and got all the right color and detail data from him. In the meantime I had obtained color pictures of the car. When I was young I thought it was a candy gold due to the box art, this time I had to build it the right way.

I stripped the built up , fortunately it was assembled in a fairly clean manner. The only bad part was the canopy was marked up with glue, so it took a lot of polishing to bring it back. The body was painted with a pearl white to match the real car, and red flocking was used to replicate the red velour upholstery. Since I was replicating the real one I decided to do a full detail of the engine. I also had to free up the glued in doors and steering so it would be working like the model was originally produced.

I loved the kit way back when , and I love it even more now that is a correct replica.

Thanks to my good friend Moe Putney for taking the great pictures



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