Tijuana T

Built by: Jeff Miller

 The Tijuana – T is my effort to improve upon a kit I felt was lacking for years. Please don’t get me wrong as I’m a big Tom Daniel fan & enjoy his creations but where’s the fun if you can’t restyle a classic? So as I studied the box art it came to me that the problem seemed it was too large for my taste & soon a razor saw was doing it’s worst. I cut the mid section right out of it & re-stitched the halves back together  to form the basic shape. At this point I decided reshaping the windows & a lower stance would yield the best look & I took a page from Steve Scott’s book .

 One of the nicest features of this build is that it needs very few parts from other kits to complete the look. I made the choice to use Pegasus “Blade” rear wheels & AMT Depth Charger front wheels & tires but this could be made without them.

The rear taillights came from the Altered States catalog but the other modifications were done with basic scratch builds supplies found at most any hobby, hardware or crafts shop. I used a Dremel tool that formed the rear window but I did have to cut down the phew seat for viewing clearance.

 By now many of the Korner Klowns had noticed my handy work & felt it was a skillful design. For that I’m grateful but a bright idea needs a bright paint job & my Tequila Sunrise paint scheme was borne. Using a 5 color gold to red fade with black gold HOK paints, I took a chance on the full body fade & sealed the deal with HOK clear lacquer. Flat black primer gives the rest a rugged look & this hangover hauler is toast..!

Special thanks to John Teresi for the use of his display base.

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