Moonsurfer (kitbash)

Built by: Tim Nolan in Edgewater, Florida

The "Moon Surfer" is built from the reissued George Barris "Moonscope". I bought this kit just to have it, with no intention of building it, but a trip to Ira Dahm's website piqued my interest, since he had successfully bashed so many of them!

I originally had planned to make it into a bubbletop, but didn't like the fit of anything I came up with. I kept studying it, and it has a distinct similarity to the "Surf Woody" in its body lines, so that's the theme I went with.

I started out by whacking the entire top off the body, and fabricating a new roof from sheet plastic. I followed the same shape of the side body lines on the roof. I wanted the seats to be set down low as well, so I cut the boxes the seats mounted to out of the interior tub, and recessed the stock seats into the lowered area.

The solar-batteries underneath had to be repositioned to the rear under the axles, and a sheet plastic kick-panel was covered with Bare-Metal and set into the front. Sheet plastic was also used to fill in the top of the body, and create a new dashboard.

After mocking-up the suspension and tires, I didn't like how high it sat, so I cut out an area on the top body half and mounted the axle through the center of the body. This gave it the killer "in-the-sand" rake I was looking for!

I made the space-age surfboards from plastruct, and spare parts from the kit were used to make the propulsion systems on them.

Everything was sanded smooth and primered. I custom mixed a combo of House of Kolors Kandy Teal, Oriental Blue, and Lapis Blue Pearl Powder, and airbrushed over an Orion Silver basecoat to create a deep blue pearl paint job.

The interior is flocked in turquoise fuzz, and a photoetched/reduced digital dash panel set in place, along with the stock steering wheel, and a straight-pin shifter.

The chrome dished mags, taillights, and tubular board rack are from the parts-box. This ones for you Ira! Thanks for the inspiration! (I've got idea's for the next one...)




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