Monkeemobile (custom)

Built by: Steve Lima in Darien, Illinois

I was inspired by all the cool models I saw on the guest gallery build-ups, and while trying to decide on what to build I saw Rob Riley's Monkeemobile. I then decided to make a Kartoon version of it.

I removed almost the entire mid section of the body; I then had to shorten the top, interior and the chassis. I used the cartoon T.D. Taxi for the wheels/tires and the stand.

I sprayed alclad chrome on the wheels, ladder bars and a larger scale resin injector scoop from Reliable Resins to keep with the Kartoon flare of the car. I shortened the ladder bars from the taxi kit to fit under the shortened chassis, finally adding the parachute and pull cord.

I filled any body lines then sprayed it with Hot Red urethane. (It was not cleared or polished--that's how it came out). I did not secure it to the stand so it can be displayed launching or with a wild rake.

Hey Hey it's the Monkees, but this was no messin' around!

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