Dragon Wagon (non-show kitbash)

Built by: Harley Richards in Croydon Surrey England

The idea behind this was first floated on the Coffin Corner a while back and I didn't really think too much about it until I picked up my built Dragon Wagon (which is in the Guest Gallery) and it pretty much fell apart. Time, abuse, and not enough glue had taken their toll and I was left with a pile of parts. Just out of idle interest I mocked up the Dragon Wagon's chassis/cab against AMT's recently reissued model T and discovered that it wasn't a bad fit at all. Throwing caution to the wind I set to with a saw and about thirty minutes later had separated the T's running boards from the rest of the floor pan and cut all the suspension mounting points off the Dragon Wagon. No turning back.

While the back end didn't need much more work than changing the "dip" on the Dragon Wagon's lower edge of the rear frame rails to meet the inside edge of the T's fenders, the front end was a real pain. There was an awful lot of measuring, cutting, filling and sanding (not too mention bad language) involved before it all lined up (not made any easier by the fact that the Dragon Wagon's frame rails curve up towards the front axle and the T's running boards are flat). The T also gave up its grille, bonnet, windshield, cab floor, seats, controls, suspension, running gear and lights. The firewall was scratchbuilt as the original disintegrated when I used super glue on it. In fact, all that's left of the original Dragon Wagon are the chassis, cab, dragon and cage (don't worry though, all the left over parts have gone to good homes and are helping other Dragon Wagons to be repaired and rebuilt).

Strictly speaking this is a slammer (curbside) as it doesn't have an engine but I'm not that fussed. What does fuss me however is that I think I screwed up on the paint (which is all brush painted by the way) and there should be more red around the front end. Maybe when this version falls apart in ten year's time I'll get around to changing it.

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