Mint Condition (kitbash)

Built by: Jeff Miller, Chino Hills, California

If you were Darth Vadar, what would you drive to Pebble Beach?  Mint Condition is the terror O' de concourse, bashing a Lindberg 1929 Mercedes Benz roadster with TD's Bad Medicine showrod . The body mods are just too many to list but I started with the Monogram showrod, cut off the fenders & reversed them. With Mercedes in hand, it was now time to cut, chop, wedge, stretch, section, graph, file, sand, shave & just plane twist & massage these two different worlds into one.

The paint scheme needed to be a departure for me as well. HOK lacquers provided the mint green base for my manic mess & on the graphics as well. Custom mixed Champagne Gold over a Jimmy Flinstone checkered flag pattern & lime to emerald fender fade complete the picture.

To finish it, I used a custom Pegasus Hobby tire & wheel combination & last but not least, thanks to Tim Nolan for donating the front headlights from his T'rantula parts box. So now we can take this one to the bank!

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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