The Batmobile

Built by: Dan Johnson, Jasper, Indiana

Like many boys who were 9-10 years old in 1966, I was a big fan of the Batman TV series, and when Aurora released their Batmobile model kit, naturally I had to have one. My model building skills being what they were at the time yielded less than satisfactory results. An ill-fated attempt at a rebuild proved disastrous and I later sold the remains.

Over the last few years I acquired three more previously-built Batmobiles in various stages of completeness with the hope of combining the best parts of the three into one acceptable model. One problem was that the original Bat decals on the doors were in poor condition and unsalvageable. I knew hand painting or trying to cut colored decal film would not give me the results I was after. Then one day I was checking out the "Decal Digs" on the Dave's Show Rod web site and there was the answer to my problem: a beautiful set of Bat door decals in 1/32 scale! They were the last "piece of the puzzle" and the final touch to my Aurora Batmobile.

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