Lincoln Futura

Built by: Earl R. Simons, Duvall, Washington

HOLY SHOWCARS, BATMAN !! - Growing up with the campy T.V. show BATMAN, I always thought his car was TOO COOL! Only in my mid-20's did I discover the (George Barris/Dean Jefferies) #1 BATMOBILE was built from the 1955 LINCOLN FUTURA, so when REVELL re-popped the curbside 1956 kit, you bet I snatched one up!

The 7-piece body conveniently separates at the dog-legs in the door fronts so you can easily make an 'L' cut for opening doors! (& make hinges, filler, etc...), but how to make the canopy swing up as you open the doors had me weaving baskets, so I settled with just cutting the canopy open.

The FUTURA'S original body color was pearlescent frost blue-white (Riiiight...) This car used one of the first pearlescent color treatments, using ground pearl to achieve it. I stopped short of grinding pearls, & shot it white with gloss pearlcoats (rattle cans) & ignored its slight blue tint. It was painted GAWDAWFUL RED for the 1959 movie 'It started with a kiss' because the pearlescent finish did not photograph well.

George Barris bought it for a song, due to monies owed him (& Barris Kustoms), but the Futura was never titled, & therefore uninsurable. It sat rotting in his back lot until 1965, until the upcoming BATMAN T.V. series foresaw the need for a BATMOBILE!  Remembering the fin-laden Futura, & realizing it wouldn't take much, Barris presented a modified 'bat-trimmed' sketch of the FUTURA, was contracted to build it, & only had 3 weeks to do it! He sub-contracted stylist Dean Jefferies, who whipped up the BATMOBILE. 
The long chrome strips on each side of the model, cover where the body halves come together - SWEET! The 'Futura' nose script is molded so faint, It is almost impossible to bring out, as were the gear indicator lights on top of the dash that I just had to paint in. The domes on top are supposed to be a compass in front of the driver, & a clock in front of the passenger, but Jezz - gimme a break!

The roll-up access doors in the dash are molded in the up position to see the climate controls, radio, etc.  The 2-Pc. plastic tires are painted Testors 'rubber' & whitewalled. 

There was no warpage in any of the body pieces, so if you take care when gluing/aligning the body, it comes together as a pretty smooth, historical build, Although with the half-cowled front fenders its turning radius must've been terrible (ala Phantom Corsair syndrome) Good thing Barris opened up the wheel wells (among other mods) & created the unforgettable BATMOBILE, which in my book, is the ONLY Batmobile that matters--not those SCREWY (Bat-missle?!-only-room-for-Batman, Etc.) ones from the movies.

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