Beer Wagon

Built by: Eric Grey in Palo Alto, CA

I started this project thinking "I don't think the world needs another yellow beer wagon." I looked at the bed and decided since it was wood, a little balsa upgrade would work. I used a 1/32 inch balsa sheet for the bed with square posts and flat boards for the siding. I painted it a flat earthy color.

Once I got the bed made I realized a glossy finish probably wouldn't go with it so I started thinking of colors and went for my stash of military paints. I picked some german tank grey with a light coat of graphite metallic. I ended up dry brushing some steel to bring out the details in the body molding, although I think I over did it.

I like the interior--I used flat rust for the seats and painted the beer steins white and steel. The barrel got the full weathering treatment with brown paint, a black wash, and some gray pastels.

As a final touch, I drilled out a front hole and placed some mosquito netting behind to make the grille. I did not particularly like the decal of the grille--I think it was made for the RC cola wagon and kept in the decal set for the beer wagon reissue. By the way, If you want to work with 1/32 inch balsa which is very soft a prone to splitting, use 2 1/2 in masking tape on the back side before you cut. It offers stability and prevents an annoying split.

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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