Beer Wagon

Built by: Boban (Bobby) Arsic in Rikon, near Zürich, Switzerland

This model is important for me, because that was my FIRST Tom Daniel kit, that my friend bought for me in the U.S.(this the right place to say a big THANK YOU to Olivier!)

The kit was and is great, fun to build and a great TD Design, but maybe I thought in the past, I must do a little bit of customizing. So I changed the tires--they are from a old 1:20 formula 1 car, the front is deeper and has new a grill, the headers are with new ends.

The cockpit has a new floor and painted the seats white and colored the Munich beer stein shift knob. The stake bed has the same floor but the chains are now real. I laid thin strips of shiny chrome foil over the barrels for the better look. This work is very old, so I can't remember what kind of color I used for it and why I didn't make it in a "Beeryellow".

Like many of you, this was my first TD kit and brings back great memories.

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