Little T

Builder: Bob Spedding

A few years ago this was the first early Monogram kit that I restored and I got hooked on them .  The only thing was that I restored and built this one as a Bobtail T using the oval gas tank and that always bothered me , so I decided to replace the tank with the pickup bed so it would match my other Box Art builds .  I guess this would be called a Little T "Make-over"  

I picked up this 55 year old kit partially built and only missing a couple of parts . After scrounging the missing pieces I cleaned everything as best I could then polished all of the red plastic parts . 

I assembled it using only the kit parts with no extra or aftermarket parts being used . I did make the header flanges since I thought they looked a little funny without them and I added a Ford script decal to the radiator shell . 

Now the Little T looks right at home on my shelf with the other Box Art builds 

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