Jolly Rodger

Built by: Jim Garruba

The Jolly Rodger from AMT. A wacky fun showrod based on the Beverly Hillbillies Granny’s Rod, which of course, was based on their well-worn flatbed Oldsmobile car/truck combo. It comes with a skeleton, and you can’t beat that.

I did up mine to be of a Robin Hood/Forest Pirate on Wheels scheme… a less garish green and brown finish. Satin olive fenders with wood and leather tones on the ship section. So, lots of drybrushing.

Some of my other nits include swapping out the show bucket seats for the burgundy bench, wood-texture running boards, and leaving off the hood and some of the various chrome attachments.

The riggings and deck rope are craft thread, and I added some chains for the anchors. The cannon “headrests” are set to take out intended prey (tho, they might give the driver some hearing problems, if he had ears).

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