L'il Stogie

Built by: Boban Arsic (HobbyBobby)

L'il Stogie

John Bogosian

Original Year: 1971

This is how the West was won!

Part of an outstanding creative series of "Li'l" AMT show rods, it has the identical chassis of the Li'l Roamin' Chariot and the Li'l Hot Dogger.

Very cool box art too.

AMT's Li'l Stogie is a vintage collector favorite from the crazy show rod era of modeling!

The horses pulling this wagon are fully injected and ready to haul!

It's another kit which hasn't been available since the early 70s.

A big thank you goes to Round2

Thus, I have the opportunity to build today, one of them.

The kit at first seemed very simple, but he already has some tricky places, no wonder at about 110 parts.

Well, I did it, with a few changes...

The most notable are the rear wheels, then the cooler, the longer intake pipes, the front and rear springs and the thinner supports for the windshield.

Hope, you like it.

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