Built by: Tim Houtman, Michigan USA

I haven't built this kit in a long time. The last time I had one was when it was part of the Graveyard Ghoul Duo so for the longest of time I thought this car was silver. So between the Munsters movie and the internet I know that it's gold. I opened the canopy and saw the inside neaded more attention so I went to MunsterKoach.com for some good pics to copy the rear part of the frame and paint ideas.

I used Testors gold paint and brushed on Tamiya clear yellow for the finish and my wifes fingernail polish for the engine and interior.

I used thin copper sheet to try to make the inside of the coffin interior by drawing on the back side to make pleats stand out. The only non kit part are the front wheels that i took from the Outlaw but had to hog out the kits tires to make them fit.

Now I have my Munster's Ghoul Duo complete.


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