Built by: Boban Arsic (HobbyBobby)


Are you ready for the Hangman?

Only a ghoulish rig like this deserves the rare privilege of getting hitched to a disabled show car or custom street rod.

From the wild Cobra mill with dual-quad carbs and velocity stacks to the realistic noose dangling from the towering boom, this raking wrecker is really far out!

Antiqued headlights, rooftop spotlights and colorful decals add the finishing touches.

Ah yes, the decals...

I had, even with this kit, no luck with the decals.

Too old glue, or whatever ...

I could only this, on the roof deck, install.

A black one with a red interior, everyone has...

So I changed the colors.

Well, the color in these images comes not so right through. (Poor lighting)

In nature it is much more intense with metallic effects.

I have the steering rod cut, which was a little too high for my taste.

I had these wheels lying around, so they came to the mission.

The rear suspension, I superseded by right coil springs.

Recently I built a taillight, with a red Lego lens on.


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