Pink Panther

Built by: Gerry Gaetz (gfgcollects)

Pink Panther

This is the Doyusha reissue of the original Eldon kit. I always wanted to construct one of these and acquired it only this past fall.

The first thing I did realize upon opening the box was the obvious lack of detail in terms of the kit contents itself and secondly the very limited instruction sheet that left a lot to the experimentation of the builder. I did some research on the original car which led to a couple of things I modified, most notable being my inclusion of a steering wheel. The body color is Tamiya rattle can "Pink" covered by Duplicolor clear coat.

All other colors are straight up acrylic jar paints,the darker pink being something called "Trident Pink".

I also included a figure of the Rinky Dink Panther himself just so no body would ask why is this, well... Pink.

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