Jinx Express

Built by: Mike McMahon in Palatine, Illinois

This is actually an easy kit bash of the Fast Buck. Someday I will build the Fast Buck, but I really wanted to add a Jinx Express to my build collection.

For the paint job, I first applied two coats of gray primer to cover the blue. Then I applied 3 coats of Testors #2914 German Silver Gray Metallic. Then a final finish coat of clear lacquer to shine it up. The chassis was sprayed entirely in flat black to provide contrast to the body color. It's getting cold here in Illinois so I took my chances on painting it in the garage with rattle cans at 55 degrees. I think the finish turned out nice.

I went over all the exterior details with chrome silver trim then applied Jinx Express decals from DECAL DIGS!...and voila....Jinx Express! And yes it is a bank and the combination lock actually works!

The only thing not correct is that the glass is not tinted green. I tried to get my hands on some green tint paint. I even tried to order replacement glass parts from Monogram, with no success. My last gasp attempt was to try using green cellophane film, but it didn't look right so I relegated myself to the fact that I simply was not going to have green tinted glass on my Jinx Express. I still think it looks great and it brings back fond old memories.

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