Bad Medicine

Built by: Mike McMahon in Palatine, Illinois

Bad Medicine.....What a wacky looking dragster / "C" cab truck. Leave to Tom Daniel to come up with this wild ride.

I thought this kit was a great candidate for a metallic paint job and I wanted to decorate it like the box art. I started by applying two coats of gray primer, followed by four coats of Testors # 1631 Purple Metal Flake, and finished off with two coats of gloss lacquer overcoat. It came out nice and has a deep finish. As with all my other builds, this was accomplished completely with "rattle cans". Someday I'll graduate to an airbrush, but for now I'm still having too much fun painting the old fashion way.

The interior of the cab was painted to look like the inside of a dirty coffin. I painted it flat white and dry brushed flat black and gray to give it that "well used" look. The driver was painted the same way only a bit darker for contrast. The same technique was also used on the skull and crossbones on the back. The cow head on the front stood out too much painted bone white so it was painted to look like it was still in the early stages of discomposure. Morbid huh?

I had fun building this kit. The coffin motif in the cab was fun to do and I am pleased with the results. It turned out a whole lot better than when I first built it back in the 70s. Amazing what more money, patience, and attention to detail can do.



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