Tilted 'T' (kitbash)

Built by: Anthony Warren in Portland, Oregon

I have always been a fan of the UNcertaitn T since I was a kid. So throughout the years (as all of us know) getting that kit is hard to come by. Then about ten years ago I started building models again with an inspiration of building an Uncertain T or something close to it, but with my own twist. Then one day--BAM, I had an idea from the reissue Vending Machine to build along the lines show rod as the Uncertain T, as I imagined.

This idea has been soaking for about a decade and half. Fellas thatıs about all I have, I hope you enjoy the visuals.

  • 100% kit bash & scratch built
  • Dash brass (scratch built)
  • Seat (scratch built)
  • Tail lights (rhinestones)
  • wind shield (clear walk man casing)
  • water hose (head phone cable)


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