Built by: Boban Arsic (hobby bobby)


The Longnose Coupe for the Go-Faster Group!

Original year: 1971
Designer: David Carlock

Reactionary rail combines roaring twenties styling and "drag is our bag" chassis...a triple-A fooler with a Hemi "elephant power" Sunday punch!


(Here's what's stashed under that longnose supercoupe shell):
Mopar Hemi mill with Jimmy huffer up top, "Heavy Raps" header collector combo, super-trick frame, unreal radius arms, "skinny mini/wide hide" vinyl tires set.

This has always been one of my favorite kits, it offers so many building possibilities.

But as I've started to build it, came the frustration, this frame was also somehow wrong and twisted, initially wanted nothing to fit right...

After a long construction freeze, and some effort, here is my version, the Veloci"T".

I built it most boxstock, aside from the tires and small modifications here and there.

The Cab hinge is made of brass, from the hardware store, modified and fitted.

The rear wheels have rubbers from an old motorcycle grip and are mounted on turned, aluminium tubes, with Pegasus rims inside.

The red strips on the rubbers are glued in addition, to prevent it from too much bumping..

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