Li'l Mixer

Built by: Richard Howden (sixwheeler)

"Li'l War Wagon"

This one started out as the good old MPC Li'l Mixer kit and I used an old Airfix WC63 Dodge for the load-bed and Machine Gun Ring.

Although these latter items are in 1/35th scale I felt that they suited the cartoon-like stance of the base Li'l Mixer kit.

I also added the grille guard, front bumper and winch from the Airfix kit and cut down the Mixer's cab, to which I added a scratchbuilt windshield.

The twin blower pyramid and belt were scratchbuilt and I also added ignition wires to the magneto to detail up the engine a bit.

The exhausts were stripped of chrome, smoothed and painted a metallic grey.

The radiator housing was painted olive green so I painted the headlight housings in a gold/brass colour for contrast.

I wasn't too sure how much colour and chrome to add to the Olive Drab finish but I felt I had got the balance of just enough colour, chrome and brass for a Show Rod feel to this model?

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