Fire Iron

Built by: Marty Bohn

Fire Eater

This Fire Iron is modified into an aircraft crash rescue vehicle. This model is quite different from the stock version with the following modifications.

I raised the suspension to allow for the off road tires. I cut the top off the hood to fit a blown Chevy motor out of a Monster Truck kit and added a wired distributor, aluminum header pipes and a vinyl blower belt..

I added the cab off a Li'l Mixer to give the overall model a different look and added balsa floorboards. I made a water tank out of PVC pipe sealed at both ends with sheet plastic and moved the fire pump that was under the drivers seat to the rear of the vehicle plumbed with electrical wire "fire hose".

I scratch built a hose reel mounted to the rear and added a fire nozzle on the roof. All decals are custom on Testor's paper.


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