Hard Hat Hauler

Built by: Boban (Bobby) Arsic in Rikon, near Zürich, Switzerland

This is my version of the Hard Hat Hauler. The hot rod enthusiast's version of a vehicle for the famous Hard Hat workers of America, created by Model Products Corporation in hobby kit form.

This unique hot rod concept was immediately brought to life size by Mr. Bob Larivee of Promotions Incorporated and Hollywood auto stylist Mr. George Barris of Barris Kustom Industries. Designed by Harry Bradly, this 1/25th scale model kit was first engineered and then duplicated in replica to a full size operable car. The image of the American Hard Hat worker was incorporated in its concept.

The front forklift, a 23-T Roadster body with turtle deck, a 500 horsepower Chrysler Hemi engine, three G.M.C. 671 blowers with Cragar drives are stacked on the engine with an Enderly Fuel injection air scoop.

Why should I not like it all? Its a Showrod! Only the lustrous exterior finish, done in red, white and blue with stars and stripes and  the political theme with hub caps with Agnew, Reagan, Muskie and Kennedy decals, was not my thing.

So I decided of the exterior color, which I have used on my Groovy Grader. The color is a tricky self-mixture of yellow and orange-- it changes the shine to the light direction.

The interior being very simple, includes the traditional bench mounted on diamond embossed designed aluminum flooring.

The front tires are from a LEGO kit, the back ones from a Li'l Bigfoot- Pickup from Tamya. The rims bed is made of red plastic shot and with the rims of the kit combined. All wired and with fuel lines.

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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