Butcher Truck
(from Dave Marek's concept)

Built by: Dan Barten in Wauconda, Illinois & Don Grandmaison in New Hampshire

This was a joint build. I started building it as soon as I saw the drawing of Dave Marek's concept in Flat Out Crazy here on the Rally. I use to work for a meat company as a package designer.

I built the body out of Bristol Board and got pretty close after several tries, but it stalled with the chassis and I let it sit.

Don Grandmaison started asking if had someone built it. When he found out I had started it, he was pointed at me and asked if I would send it to him. So I did!

He tore the prototype apart and rebuilt it out of plastic. He then constructed a chassis, interior and painted it all and sent the build back in pieces for final construction.

This is a total scratch build from scrap and the parts box! Thanks Dave M for the great designs. . . I hope you like it!

So here it is: A great joint effort between two builders--one in New Hampshire (Don Grandmaison and one in Illinois (me, Dan Barten.)

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