Orbitron (resin kitbash)

Built by: Chris Walker in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Since Ed Roth's Orbitron was one of my favorite cars he built, I had to do my research to build my own replica.  And it really helped in the build.  Finding all the parts in 25th scale are tough to locate, but I think I did a pretty good job.

It was built from a resin body kit.  It came with a body, trim ring, hood, and clear bubble.  I scratch-built a chassis from styrene strips.  A mid 60s Corvette engine worked for the power plant and I topped it off with a 3 carb set-up.  I used a front axle from an early Ford street rod kit along with the 4-link. The rear axle was robbed from a Silhouette kit.  I custom made the exhaust from styrene tubing. The interior was also built from styrene.  I added a TV from an old AMT kit, Mooneyes pedal from my parts box, and a steering wheel from the Silhouette kit.  I flocked it in the light blue fur just like Ed Roth did.

The body was smoothed out and the front spears were opened up to resemble the original body.  I added a hood hinge from brass tubing.  The rear taillight was custom made.  I found some head lights that would fit the bill, then modified them to look like the Lucas lights Ed used with the small bullets on the lenses.  I made a mold and cast them all in the proper colored clear tinted resin.

The wheels, tires, and two pronged spinners came from the Silhouette kit as well.  It was painted in pearl white and candy blue House of Kolor Urethane.  I added a little blue pearl to the mix as well for fun. In the end I was real happy with it.

After the real Orbitron was found in Mexico as a basket case in front of a porn shop, I thought it would be fun to build that version as well.  So I did.  All the same parts were used, but the nose was cut off and flat black was used.  The magazine articles really helped get the details right. 

To round out the collection, I made a "cartoon" version of the Orbitron (like the old TD "Snap-Tits."  In all, they were a lot of fun to build and really set off my Roth collection. 

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

Click on the image above to SUPERSIZE it!

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