Gypsy Dune Buggy

Built by: Paul Canney in Avon Lake, Ohio

I started this kit in 1999, and packed it away to move and just recently stumbled across it. Like real life, this is the tried and true Revell dune buggy pan with a different body on it. According to the box, this was designed by Bill Cushenbery. I've never seen a real one, so I don't know if this ever made it off the drawing board.

The gauges are from Slippery Arts and are a terrific replacement for the kits weakly molded in units.

It took a lot of work to get the four piece body to look like the box illustration. The kit has squared wheel openings. These were reformed with Evergreen strip styrene. I didn't care for the built in headlights so these are from an old Manx kit with 2 part epoxy 'lenses'.

The seats and wheels are from the recent Jolly Rodger reissue. The spun aluminum tank is from Arrowhead. The roll bar is formed from solder. The engine is a mongrel of parts from the Revell kit, some AMT Manx parts with scratch built headers from solder, with aluminum tips, on scratch built heads. (The Revell kits don't have heads!)

Color is House of Kolor Candy Root Beer over silver with black/gold fogging.

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