Ice 'T'

Built by: Mike McMahon in Palatine, Illinois

When I set out to build the Ice "T", I just couldn't see painting it yellow like on the box. I normally stick pretty close to the box art but yellow on a tricked out Ice Wagon?...just wasn't going to happen.

I found Testors Fifties Aqua to be the perfect "cool" color that represented this vehicles purpose. First I primed it with two coats of gray then applied three coats of Aqua. I topped it all off with a light coat of Testors clear pearl overcoat to give it that 70's metallic look.

The only other deviation from stock was the addition of a "real wood" rear deck. I made this from a thin sheet of cedar that came as a divider in a box of cigars. I slapped on the decals, lettered the tires and voila....a "cool blue" Ice "T!


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