UNcertain 'T'

Built by: Don Valdiviezo in El Paso, Texas

I hope everyone enjoys this one. I restored it from a glue bomb I bought off e-bay. Chuck beat me to the color, but I hope I don't disappoint anyone. Color is Boyd's Gold Pearl.

I scratch built the exhaust pipes and distributor to make it look different. The top is actually vinyl top material from Detail Master and the front wheels are aluminum wire wheels I used from my odd house. I'm using them just for the pics. I'm going to use the low profile tires as pictured on the Rod and Custom magazine, but that's for later.

I primed it with 6 coats and five coats of paint, plus two clear coats. I let it dry for five months before handling it. When I get the other tires I'll post them later. Enjoy Guys!

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