Draggin' Fly

Built by: Tim Nolan of Edgewater, Florida

This is Tom Daniel's "Draggin' Fly", which is a restored glue-bomb. It is box-stock with the exception of some of the larger-style AMT slicks, which were added by the previous builder, and a few marker lights I added to the wing tips.

I didn't care for the yellow box art color, and this was a Vietnam-era kit, so I painted it with Model Masters Flat Military Khaki Green from a rattle can.

Nose art decals are from Lunar Models, and all of the other decals were given to me by Harley Richards. Harley became the pilot as a reward for his generosity!

I used Bare-Metal foil on the pilot's face shield.

I wanted to do something really oddball for this contest, and having had two of these glue-bombs lying around for a few years--it seemed a natural choice!


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