Milk Truck

Built by: Mark Rollie of Crystal, Minnesota

This is a reconstruction of the original Eldon kit, which I won from an auction on eBay. The model had already been put together, not too badly at least and not really heavy on the glue. The model had been repainted to more of a dark plum color, and the decals weren't used. The seller had the original decals, instructions, and the box as well.

99% of the model was torn down. I had originally thought about just cleaning it up, making it nice and neat, but doing a box stock rebuild, but soon changed my mind ... the project grew into making something more out of the kit.

Two pieces were missing, the gas pedal and one of the headlights. No big deal, as the original Eldon headlights looked pretty silly. The gas pedal was later made out of a piece of sprue.

Most of the chrome finish was dulled, and some of it even came off when I was trying to clean it. Nearly all the chrome pieces were repainted with Alclad Chrome.

The engine was detailed by painting an area to make it look like a manifold was there, and I used Detail Master parts for the wiring and the T-bolts on the valve covers. The blower hood was too small and not the same as the real car, so I ordered one from Perry's Resin as a replacement. The difference is pretty amazing and really makes the engine stand out more. The distributor is a piece of sprue, drilled out to stick the wires in, and glued to the back of the engine. It was a small sprue that was rather odd looking, and I'm glad I kept it, because it sure came in handy for this! The exhaust pipes were hollowed out with my Dremel, for a much more realistic look than just painting the ends flat black.

The radiator was repainted with Alclad Pale Gold, and the headlights came from the Monogram Paddy Wagon kit.

Eldon had sculpted a really poor 'spring' for the front suspension, so I filed down the molding and used some wire filament for a much better looking spring (hey, its a real spring now!). The support for the spring has pinstriping, done by painting the part Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black and then using a pin to scrape the paint down to the plastic to let the color show through.

Eldon used rear wheel rims that were 'solid' -- I discarded those for the front wheels, and glued the axle mount pieces directly to the back of the mag wheels, for that 'open' wheel look the real car has.

The original tires for the kit are OK, but I wanted something better. The tires came from an AMT '25 Ford Model-T roadster kit, and the rear Cragars came from the Raiders Koach model.

The interior had white flocking added to the floor. The real show rod was white on the inside with purple upholstery, but Eldon's kit is the reverse! The gear shift was represented by a sharp point sticking out of the floor! I glued on a small bead from my wife's hobby stash and painted that to match the interior.

This kit's windshield was real junk, pretty much completely ruined by excess glue. A new windshield was cut out of a sheet of clear plastic. I also cut out new lenses for the headlights from the same sheet.

Five different shades of purple paint were used. Testors Purple (rattlecan) was used for the body, which looks more lavender than purple! Tamiya Purple (rattlecan) was used for the stripes. Tamiya Purple (acrylic - bottle) was used for the frame, Model Master Plum Crazy was used for the engine, and Testors Lavender (acrylic) was used for the upholstery. The painted stripes on the body were done by masking off the area with Tamiya's tape, which is incredible stuff, and I won't use anything else now after using it.

Dekal Dan at Slippery Arts redid the decals, as I changed the color for the "Milk" logo, plus he provided me with an extra set of stripes, as the Eldon decal sheet doesn't have stripes for the firewall!

This is a nice little kit, that in its original form rates Not Bad, but with a little bit of work can be turned into something so much more. This was my first attempt at rebuilding a glue bomb, and it turned out to be a whole lot more work than I guessed it would ... but the result is a build that I'm more than a little proud of!

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