D.O.A. Delivery (Beer Wagon kitbash)

Built by: Fred Mellini of Seneca Falls, New York

After building several Beer Wagon kit bashes, I had one rear half of a Beer Wagon that had been sitting on my bench for a while. I had the good fortune of sending some Muscle Machine parts to Bert Ward (from the Coffin Corner) for a project he was working on. In return he sent me a complete Beer Wagon kit. I knew I wanted to make some type of a hot rod tractor trailer, but I wanted to stay away from the "beer" theme. My dark side came out and I came up with "D. O. A. Delivery" specializing in hauling embalming fluid and such.

The Mack C cab was modified by using a dremel tool to grind the sides and top of the hood to allow the use of a drag motor from the "Two Much" rail kit. I added Detail Master coil, plug wires and plug boots. Sheet plastic was used to cover the rear bed frame of the tractor cab. The suspension was lowered, headlights are from the Vampire Van kit. I used a tombstone cross for the "pogo stick" to run the air and electric line to the trailer. The skeleton driver is a modified Jolly Rodger item.

The trailer was made by gluing 2 Beer Wagon Beds back to back and using plastruct I beams for the frame rails. I used the kit(s) wooden post and chains to complete the look. The skeleton poking up from inside the barrel was made from some resin cast skeletons I received from a glue bomb Rommels Rod on ebay. I added some green "leaky" fluid to the dry brushed barrels that have hand painted skull and crossbones on them. The graphics and lettering are made from Parma R/C car decals and dry-transfer lettering for H.O. trains.

I broke out my airbrush and used Parma Faskolor Paint for the first time. This stuff is water based and ready to shoot in your airbrush straight from the bottle. After priming everything, I base coated with Faspearl Silver followed by Faspearl Green. I then clear coated everything with Plasti-kote Automotive Pearl Clear.

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