The Demon

Built by: Dave Briede (cc: badroadahead)

Ever since I saw the Beatnik Bandit by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth I was hooked on bubbletops. This inspired me to build a pick up bubbletop.

The bed design idea was from Harry Bentley Bradley (Kandy Klown), the bubbletop from Roth and grille and massive power plant was from Grote. Most of the body is scratch built from sheet styrene. I cut down a salad spoon for the bubbletop. The seats and dash are altered from a 1960 Corvette. I thought of using clear plastic for the front wheels with chrome trim and caps for a different look, rear tires are from the Beer Wagon with the insert painted white. The already huge engine needed something more, so on top of the carbs and intake manifold from the Lil Coffin, I added tall aluminum stacks turned sideways for an awesome profile view and a set of headers from Tom Daniel’s Beer Wagon. The Atomic Punk’s grille is such a work of art I decided to use that style. The grille shell is scratch built, the grille is a seat cushion carved and curved to fit. The mahogany veneer bed floor seems to set off the top view. The bed is finished with a scroll bumper from the Paddy Wagon. Painted with Testors Revving Red

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