One Armed Bandit

Built by: Dave Armstrong

I bought two incomplete One-Arm Bandit gluebombs years ago; one still had an unused decal sheet with it, although it was old and cracked. I had planned to make a restoration project of them, but they sat in my stash for a decade. Then The 2010 Fools With No Rules Contest came up, and I decided it was time to do something with them. They were incomplete, each missing some parts, but I figured I could put together one decent kit out of them.

I stuck them in the freezer and broke them up. I used the best parts from each kit, plus a couple of chrome parts from a friend. I took off gobs of glue, filled and sanded holes and scrapes, prepped and polished the parts to get them ready for painting and assembly. I covered the old decals with decal film, then applied them with enough Solvaset to get them to lay down.

The worst parts were the headlight assemblies, it was like they had been dipped in glue! I sanded the housings down, used alclad, then went to work with the dremel to do what I could for the lenses. After all that, I decided that they just didn't look as good as the rest of the build, so I decided to replace them with similar size fresh headlights from my parts boxes, ditto the lanterns.

Finally, even though the pool ball wheel "caps" came out OK nicely painted, I decided not to use them because I thought they ruined the look of the wheels.

I went with the colors of the box art, or instruction sheet. Paint is Boyd Smoothster Yellow over Kustom Kolors silver base. So, except for a couple of substitute parts, pretty much a box stock build.


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