Surfin Van

Built by: Dave Armstrong, Tucson, Az.

A neighbor friend of mine got one of these when I was about 10 years old, and I thought it was so cool. I have picked up several of these over the years, finally decided to build one. I have never seen this kit built and displayed here before.

There are a few options in building this. Gas tank mounted inside or on the back? I put it inside. Lanterns or not? Not. You can build this so the body flips open. However, it is a multi-piece body, lots of seams. I didn't like all the breaks in the natural body lines this would present, so I decided to glue it together as pretty much a one piece body, and leaving it closed. I filled and sanded the seams, much better! I had only a couple of minor problems with a 40 year old kit. The old decals were fixed with decal film and applied with enough Solvaset to make them adhere properly. The glass had gotten a little scratched, sliding around in the box all those years. I dipped the glass in Future, came out great. Paint is Boyd Purple Pearl, radiator shell is Lime Gold.


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