Beer Wagon

Built by: William Jenkins from Schönaich, Germany

After seeing the sketch in Scale Auto Enthusiast, I just had to build this. I started with a Dodge RAM VTS, the frame was shortened, the body was channeled, chopped, and sculpted to match the sketch. Instead of the Pontiac hoodscoop suggested, I opted for a shaker scoop from a 'Cuda to keep it all MOPAR. I think it looks better too.

A Plymouth Prowler donated its seats, dash, wheels, and headlights. The barrels and keg gas tanks were pirated from a RC Cola Wagon reissue. The bed was made from plastruct and balsa wood. The emblems are beer caps with the edges ground off.

For painting, I was originally going to put the Garbage Truck bed on the back. The orange was mixed to match the orange used on the garbage trucks here in Germany.

When SAE opened their contest that year for "build a sketchpad", I decided to finish it as the Weizen Wagon, or Beer Wagon 2. It didn't get entered into the contest that year due to a death in the family. The only contest it was entered in, it won 2nd place. 1st place was won by my Rommel's Rod 2. I'm thinking of building another, with this style using the one-ton body with running lights on the roof, and using the production Prowler lights and Copperhead wheels.

Original SAE Sketchpad subject

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