Fast Buck

Built by: Bill Martens in Tampa, Florida

This is Tom Daniel's Fast Buck. I wanted to do it box stock with the decals and all, but I wanted it to be from my mind, sooo..... I painted it black and decided to de-chrome the grill because the plating was badly under chromed. I went with gold, then remembered this can of Gold Razzle paint I had.... I taped off a stripe from the nose and down the sides, and tried the Razzle stuff..I think it came out pretty good.. Too bad I can't find Razzle paint anymore.

I drilled out the holes of the side pipes, Periscope, and turret gun. Painted the combo safe door handle Red & Yellow--figured it would stand out with the Black. Also painted the motor teal and added a red dot to the mag centers. Basically box stock--a fun kit to build. I also have 2 more of them that I plan to turn into a stretched Paddy Wagon.

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