Tweedy Pie 2

Built by: Alan Gilkey in Central Point, Oregon

No speed bumps for this baby; I built this kit because I always liked the look of the original.

The Tweedy Pie 2 isnt as cool as the original Tweedt Pie which had the round gas tank on the back and the chromies w/ the knockoffs ect.,but I didnt have one lying around so here we have Tweedy Pie 2.

I'm far from a pro builder, but I tried to build her clean w/ some detail. I rattled her with Testors Purple metal flake and had a load of fun cutting out some of the parts (NOT!) Next time, I will fill the notches on the back of the seat as it would look a lot better. I was hoping you guys wouldn't be able to see these, but the camera never lies. Overall she was a lot of fun to build--I will list the pitfalls on the Coffin Corner as there are a few.

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