57 Chevy Gasser kitbash

Built by: Rob Riley in Bloomington, Indiana

I saw the kit in the store (a Revell/Monogram 57 Chevy hardtop fuel injected with American mags), and I instantly came up with the idea of turning it into a gasser.

I cut out the inner front fenderwells, to let the headers (from the Stinger Dragster) come out of the wheel openings. I also cut the top chrome trim bar off of the grille/bumper part, and used only the trim (no respectable gasser runs a front bumper anyway). In place of the grille, I placed a moon tank in place of the grille.

The early Chrysler Hemi came from the Hemi Hydro boat kit. I say 'early', because the distributor is in the rear of the motor. It has six 2 barrel carbs on it, with ram tubes which closely resemble Hilborn injectors.

I used the 4-speed trans and rear end that came with the kit and built the front straight axle from some leaf springs out of the parts box and a piece of chrome that I cut off of a parts tree. The front radius rods are from the Stinger Dragster with the wheels and tires from a Ford Falcon Thunderbolt kit. The rear slicks with ribbed sidewalls really give it a 60s feel.

I used a piece of polystyrene to cover the back seat so it looks as if it's a sheet of aluminum. It's painted Boyds "Sunburst" Orange ( I know it looks red). I painted all of the chrome body parts silver to look like painted fiberglass parts. I also painted the side trim on the body by hand, and even wired the Hemi motor. I know most gassers run blowers, but this one has six 2 barrel carbs on it!


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