"Pieboat" Hauler kitbash

Built by: Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

This is the first entry that I built specifically for the Guest Gallery. I built several Pie Wagons as a kid but this is the first one I've done in 30 years.

I had a kit sitting on the shelf for several years and every time I looked at it, something about the shape of the body said "BOAT" to me. After building the boat I had to build a trailer and something to haul it with. The boat moves by the kit's flathead which is connected to a jet turbine for a twist. Kind of a oxymoron isn't it? Engine treatment is spark plug wires and braided fuel lines.

Paint is Testors Silver with an overcoat of silver flake and clear. The decal was made on my computer. The trailer is a scratch-built from plastic tubing and sheet stock using wheels and tires from the kit.

The hauler is basically straight from the box with just a few mods. I moved the cowl lights to the rear for tail lights and eliminated the swinging tail light. I left the hood off so you can see the wires and plumbing that match the boat engine. The pie box in the rear was removed and the rear door opening was widened to accommodate the pin for the fifth wheel hitch. Paint on the trailer and hauler is Testors Black Pearl and clear.

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