Hangman's tow truck

Built by: Steve Hammann in Carlinville, Illinois

All of you regulars in the Gallery inspire me to do greater things with my stuff and you all know by now that I can't leave well enough alone, but this particular creation was inspired directly by William Jenkins with his modern day versions of the classics. Let's just say that he has raised the bar for all of us and I hope this one knocks you out like William's Groovy Hemtt, 90's Beer wagon, and especially his 2G Rommels Rod did me.

The base model for this kitbash was the Dodge Sidewinder Show Truck, issued by Revell in 1999. In looking at the original Tom Daniel Hangman, I noticed that it sits extremely high so given that this one sits extremely low, it fits in with today's customs. Modifications are a cut down windshield for that nostalgic look and a cantilevered roof reminiscent of the Li'l Coffin.

Paint is Testors Black Pearl from a rattle bomb with lots of heated clear. The exhaust stacks are from plastic tubing bent and cut to shape. The towing rig is scratch built from plastic tubing, The decals were printed on clear address labels then applied onto white address labels for background then hand cut and applied to the truck.

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