Emperors Revenge

Built by: Donald Valdiviezo , El Paso,Texas

I had an awesome time building this rod as my son did also.

I came up with the idea while looking in the Kit History.  The more I stared at the Li'l Roamin' Chariot, the more I saw the Red Baron being a donor kit. 

I started with the helmet and scratch built the wing on top with regular styrene then gutted the opening. I then stretched the frame about 1/2 inch to except the new grill. 

The engine is a donor from a 64 impala wired and with scratch built velocity stacks, engine pulleys. Scratch built front lights and rear lights. 

Tires are resin from Dave McGowan via Sam design. Paint is Testors lime green with gold base. The interior was re done with styrene also. If any one needs more info please e-mail me. 

 ~ Enjoy, Guys

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